creative stuff

design. animation. photography. illustration.

creative competition: abendzeitung
3 rounds. 3 creative tasks. 1 scolarship for a communication design education. developed for the german newspaper 'abendzeitung'.
social media: ovomaltine
retouching and layout according to styleguide. developed during my job as junior art director at the creative agency "david and martin" for the swiss brand "ovomaltine"
visual identity: rheinmarathon
2. semester: visual identity. 50 color nuances of the rhine for the 50. anniversary of the rowing event.
soundinstallation: soundsurfer
2. semester: creation of a sound installation. developed for the 'distant marterial orchestra' participative. multi-sensory. interactive. intuitive.
social media: bergader
creative concepts. fotoshootings. retouching. animations. developed during my job as junior art director at the creative agency "the wunderwaffe" for the german cheese brand "bergader" (mountain veins).
semester work: photography
2. semester: developement of fotoseries to given topics.
art work animations: luerzer's archive
animation of archive material for instagram ads developed during my job as junior art director at the creative agency 'the wunderwaffe' for 'luerzer's archive'.
creative campaigning: love nature
3. semester: interdisciplinary team project. silver award at creative competition 'gwa junior agency'. my role in the project: art direction. creative direction. team speaker. animations. copy writing.
poetry film: könig erl
3. semester: animation & sound design for the german poem 'könig erl' of heinz erhardt.
application video: heye
2D and 3D animations for the german creative agency 'heye'. the concept is a play with words. 'heye' sounds exactly the same like the german word haie (shark).
story animations: david + martin
corporate animations for the bavarian creative agency 'david + martin' during my job as junior art director.
poster design: bye bye mr. president
4 years of chaos. 4 poster designs.
icon design: scouts galileo galilei
gendered scouting icons. c.i. entwicklung. webdesign.
visual identity: way2nuts
naming. logo design. product shooting. visual identity. webdesign & programming. developed for a vegan snack startup. the core of the company: nuts - in each of its products.
protest poster design: fridays for future
protest posters in instagram story format for my aptitude test at hochschule düsseldorf. topic: 'apocalypse is also no future'.
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