communication designer

i create: designs. animations. illustrations.

social campaign
why do designers rarely talk to each other? social campaign during my bachelor project. my goal was to improve communication among design students at hochschule düsseldorf through partizipation and interaction. to do so i organzied design workshops and developed interactive campaigns to promote them. in each workshop the partizipants created zines (small magazines) in a dialogue. the brands molotow and meta paper sponsored paper and markers for the workshops. the results were printed, binded and shared across hochschule düsseldorf. thanks for the mentoring to prof. andreas uebele and prof. mone schliephack.
animation: food rescue bike
4. semester: stop-motion animations. "fara fielfrass" is a grocery rescue bike at hochschule düsseldorf (hsd) in building number 3. during my 4th semester I joined a stop motion animation class and decided to make a promotion video to make people aware of the foodsharing bike and motivate them to join the community. to spred the message i created illustrations out of fruits and vegetables i have rescued from the bike. the video was shown on hochschule düsseldorf's different social media channels.
design diary book
8. semester: creating a handlettering design diary book. thanks for the mentoring: prof. andreas uebele.
fischers kritze: product design
6. semester: product design, poster design and slogan developement for lakritze candy
product design: tictac + louis vuitton
6. semester: packaging + product design design concept. the idea: combine a cheap, but internationally popular brand with a luxury brand. the result: the new tictac packaging is not only a place to store tictacs. it is also a fashion statement: a neckless.
packaging design: protein pizza
6. semester: packaging design for a healthy protein pizza snack.
open ohr festival 2023
illustration concept. poster design. festival merch design. the open ohr festival is a traditional political festival. it's about music, theater and political discussions. the 2023 year's topic is "irr: relevant" – the impact of personal and global crisis on mental health. bands like seeed, die toten hosen and gentleman appear and polititions like malu dreyer (spd) and claudia roth (die grünen) hold speeches.
linol prints
4. semester: creation of illustrations for linol printing. topic: newspaper articles of the daily press.
papercut illustration + custume design
6. semester: papercut illustrations to the topic "two sides of the time" at the end of the semester we organized an exhibition and a fashion show to present our works.
social media: ovomaltine
retouching and layout according to styleguide. developed during my job as junior art director at the creative agency "david and martin" for the swiss brand "ovomaltine"
illustration experiments
developed during my exchange semester. papercuts as well as hand drawn.
creative competition: abendzeitung
3 rounds. 3 creative tasks. 1 scolarship for a communication design education. developed for the german newspaper 'abendzeitung'.
social media: bergader
creative concepts. fotoshootings. retouching. animations. developed during my job as junior art director at the creative agency "the wunderwaffe" for the german cheese brand "bergader" (mountain veins).
experimental illustration
5. semester: papercut illustration, costume design, elevator print symmetrical paper cuts & product development in ruohan wang's class. topic: the figure of water.
social poster design
3. - 5. semester: poster designs to different social topics: rolemodels, online university + portfolio advise.
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