creative stuff

design. animation. photography. illustration.

linol prints
4. semester: creation of illustrations for linol printing. topic: newspaper articles of the daily press.
animation: gemüse gifs
4. semester: stop-motion animations. gif creation and promo video for the grocery rescue bike "fara fielfrass" at hochschule düsseldorf.
poetry film: könig erl
3. semester: animation & sound design for the german poem 'könig erl' of heinz erhardt.
social media: ovomaltine
retouching and layout according to styleguide. developed during my job as junior art director at the creative agency "david and martin" for the swiss brand "ovomaltine"
social campaign design
3. semester: poster competition by the german student union "deutsches studentenwerk". topic: do students have rolemodels today? how do they want to be? how do they not want to be?
creative campaigning: love nature
3. semester: interdisciplinary team project. silver award at creative competition 'gwa junior agency'. my role in the project: art direction. creative direction. team speaker. animations. copy writing.
creative competition: abendzeitung
3 rounds. 3 creative tasks. 1 scolarship for a communication design education. developed for the german newspaper 'abendzeitung'.
material experiments
5. semester experiments with material, color and form in prof. ruohan wang's class. autumn leaves + symmetric paper cuts.
soundinstallation: soundsurfer
2. semester: creation of a sound installation. developed for the 'distant marterial orchestra' participative. multi-sensory. interactive. intuitive.
social media: bergader
creative concepts. fotoshootings. retouching. animations. developed during my job as junior art director at the creative agency "the wunderwaffe" for the german cheese brand "bergader" (mountain veins).
visual identity: rheinmarathon
2. semester: visual identity. 50 color nuances of the rhine for the 50. anniversary of the rowing event.
semester work: photography
2. semester: developement of fotoseries to given topics.
story animations: david + martin
corporate animations for the bavarian creative agency 'david + martin' during my job as junior art director.
poster design: bye bye mr. president
4 years of chaos. 4 poster designs.
social media: djoon
djoon is a food startup. they produce candy out of dates. development of tasty social media concepts.
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